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Traditionally as Australians, we have always loved our sport and loved our great beers. Beer & Sport go hand in hand, whether with our mates to celebrate our latest team win or simply sitting in front of the telly with friends and family watching our Aussie cricketers on Boxing Day. It doesn’t matter the sport because a great beer will fit the occasion.

Times have changed, Australians are drinking less alcohol for a variety of reasons and perhaps the most credible reason is that Aussies are making good healthy choices.

Australian Sports Brewing Company was born to continue these traditions and fit with today’s desire for healthy active lifestyles. Chris, Diarmuid and Barry have been shaping the idea for more than two years. After finding the perfect brewing location in Holgate Brewhouse Woodend just north of Melbourne our product development work began.

We consulted with some of the best craft brewers from around Australia and overseas to understand the various alcohol-free brewing techniques, ultimately utilising the best of each and finding our own methods and recipe.

We also consulted with both professional athletes and non pro athletes to understand what they look for post training and competing to celebrate and recover.

Nutritional benefits are key and we had our first release analysed by the National Measurement Institute to ensure we are providing the right balance of nutrients.

ZERO+ Pale Ale, our first released sportsbeer, is taking this one step further by helping with post sport recovery suitable for our country’s elite athletes as well as the fast-growing number of weekend runners, cyclists and active bodies across Australia. Whatever the activity ZERO+ allows Aussies to celebrate their achievements while aiding with their recovery.

OH! Did I mention it is only 0.4% alcohol?


XERO+ Pale Ale; ‘Seriously Good Taste’ ……. ‘Seriously Good for You’

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